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Data-driven investment solutions to support you and your clients.

The 8AM AQ MPS investment solution provides our clients with a well-disciplined, structured and repeatable system of managing investments in a way that is different to the competition.

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Who are 8AM Global?

We provide data-driven investment models for forward-thinking financial advice firms that value clarity, consistency and fair cost.

Our team are obsessive about creating efficient, evidence-based investment solutions. Our mission is to simplify the needlessly complex, while providing you and your clients with clear explanations for all our decisions. These core principles are the foundations that underpins 8AM Global and has made us, the advisers we work with, and their clients, so successful.

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What do you get if you cross a risk analyst, an experienced macro manager and a financial adviser fed up with offering clients inconsistent returns and opaque reporting? The 8AM AQ range. We reduce unwanted human bias from the investment process by replacing the abstract “group think” of other providers with data and refined processes.

Each month, we capture data on every fund in the Investment Association. We produce detailed, relative ranking tables to create clear evidence for fund selection and straightforward data to use in our reporting. Our reputation for excellence has enabled us to become the trusted, outsourced portfolio management partner of financial advice firms all over the UK. Watch this video for a summary of how we do it.

Rolling 12 month fund selection win-rate versus sector average
Top quartile
Versus MPS peers
management fee

Our services demystify the complex


Our primary portfolio range of six models targets consistent outperformance of investment benchmarks within defined risk parameters. You and your client are always in the loop with clear, modular and rapid reporting.

AQ Sustainable MPS

Using the same established methodology as our AQ MPS, this service offers five risk-rated models targeting long-term capital growth for your clients who want to have a positive impact on the world.

8AM MPS Partnership

Our bespoke portfolio partnership service can decrease business risk while allowing you continued oversight over the process. We provide the support to take you to the next level.

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What do we stand for?

Challenging the status quo
We offer value and reassurance to you and your clients through education and understanding.
Demystifying data
An effective investment strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.
Measurable value
Our investment process is designed from the ground up to offer clear, evidenced value.
Timely reporting
We review, optimise and report on all our portfolios every two months. Keeping you and your clients informed.
Our fund selection and asset allocation models are based on established, published processes and rulesets.
One shared goal
Simply to help transform and shape the MPS sector for the better. We create fewer surprises for you and your clients.