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Man and machine in harmony

Choosing the right model portfolio service is hard. By outsourcing portfolio management to us, you’ll save yourself the administration, time and worry of managing your clients’ assets.

Our solutions are focused on providing the best possible data, service and the reassurance of knowing that your clients’ portfolios are not only positioned well, but that everyone understands the decisions and processes that led to there. Read our testimonials to see for yourself!

We’re decidedly different; we shun the often confusing language of other investment houses and we make life easy for you by using technology to produce a clear rationale for our decisions that you and your clients will understand.


We understand the strengths and weaknesses of human investment managers, so we developed a strategy that leverages their strengths and mitigates their weaknesses. The objective of our main offering, consisting of six risk-rated models, is to offer consistent relative returns, driven by process, and seeking to reduce human bias. We believe this objective is best achieved through a robust fund selection and asset allocation framework that provides clear, evidence-based metrics for our decision-making.

We ensure you’re always prepared with clear, auditable, rapid reporting that explains every portfolio tweak and position in plain English. Plus, you have an investment team that is available directly to you for commentary, data and client meetings – but, with reporting this clear, we doubt you’ll need it!


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AQ Sustainable MPS

The objective of the AQ Sustainable MPS, consisting of five risk-rated models, is to deliver long-term capital growth for clients that want to have a positive impact on the world. The funds selected and used within this portfolio are screened using the Morningstar ESG framework to align funds with the investor’s objectives and sustainability motivations via simple portfolio targets.

We believe in simple and straightforward ESG investing. We target a minimum ESG threshold for all our portfolios, but crucially, we don’t over-promise. Our approach is perfect for the majority of clients that care about the effect their invested capital has on the future of our world, but don’t require a completely ESG-focused or absolute exclusion portfolio.


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For more information on our AQ models, visit our Resources page.

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We’ve designed our investment process from the ground up to offer clear value. As such, our management fee is proportionate and appropriate.


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8AM MPS Partnership

Our bespoke portfolio partnership service is the perfect stepping stone for firms looking to reposition towards, or away, from full discretionary oversight. If you’re already picking funds and have a demonstrable, clear and sensible investment approach, we’ll work closely with your investment team to build the right solution. Really, we just provide the scaffolding and support to enable you to continue to operate your investment strategy with the confidence of knowing your investment process and reporting is robust and clear.

Our bespoke MPS partnership can decrease business risk. You’ll outsource the heavy lifting of investment research to a trusted partner and retain complete ownership of your client relationship. Best of all, it’s entirely flexible. As an MPS partner, you can select as much or as little of our support, reporting, data and service as you like, but we’ll always be there to reinforce and offer feedback and ensure the portfolios adhere to their mandates and regulation.

If you'd like more information on our Partnership service, please get in touch with the team.

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You’re in good company

It is a pleasure to work with the team at 8AM Global in providing MPS investment solutions for our clients. As a financial planner, 8AM Global provide me with the support we need in terms of both clients and the business, and most importantly, on a personal basis. The 8AM AQ MPS investment solution provides our clients with a well-disciplined, structured and repeatable system of managing investments in a way that is different to the competition. It is this unique approach that we like and that our clients appreciate.

Director & Chartered Financial Planner

We’ve run a suite of Advised Model Portfolios for more than 10 years but faced challenges due to the ever-increasing size of the mandate and the associated operational and regulatory infrastructure to be run effectively. We pursued a discretionary proposition, but with many clients already engaged in our existing proposition, it was key to retain the culture, look and feel of the existing models within any “new” proposition. With the support of 8AM Global, we’ve achieved a robust solution beyond initial expectations, forming a key and enduring relationship that allows efficiency gains and cost savings across the business and improves the overall client outcome throughout.

Managing Director & Financial Planner

We’ve enjoyed a professionally collaborative relationship with 8AM Global. It’s been all that was promised and all that we asked for. They are not hamstrung by being too large; hence, they can provide a truly superb service to us and our mutual clients.

Managing Director

The team at 8AM Global clearly understood our objectives. They adapted and adjusted, quickly factoring in the unique quirks of our investment methodology. Their knowledge of the industry, fund selection proposition and risk mapping matched our own, and they’ve been instrumental in completing the transition into the next phase for our risk-adjusted portfolios, targeting outperformance for the future. Using 8AM Global has been a very worthwhile relationship, saving headaches by having everything accurately recorded in one place, while achieving regulatory requirements. We have found the team likeable, able, proactive, competent and efficient.

Head Of Operations

Having previously used active fund managers, we very much endorsed the systematic, quant-based and data-driven investment strategy that was aligned to our own investment beliefs; focusing on the numbers, not the noise. An evidence-based approach offered our clients the optimum outcome with improved transparency. Each decision is clearly documented and evidenced.

Director & Chartered Financial Planner