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Regulatory Information

8AM – MPS Order Execution

In its role as a discretionary investment portfolio manager offering a portfolio management service exclusively to clients who hold their investments through a UK adviser investment (wrap) platform, 8AM invests in Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). These are financial instruments so technically fall under the best execution requirements; however, the portfolio trades are in open ended funds and not exchange traded. Orders are usually arranged directly with a third-party product provider or their appointed administrator.

The CIS is the only venue in which to transact orders. An individual CIS will state in its prospectus the way subscriptions and / or redemptions can be purchased / made. This information will include how frequently liquidity will be provided, the time frames for the calculation of the net asset value and receiving orders. All orders will be executed directly with the CIS in question. All activities are undertaken per the requirements set out in the FCA Collective Investment Schemes (COLL) handbook.

All portfolios managed by us are held on UK adviser investment (wrap) platforms as 8AM is not permitted to hold or control client monies or assets.

In all instances, 8AM places its trading instruction(s) at the model portfolio level using the platform portfolio trading capability. Consequently, trade execution and custody of assets is entirely under the control of the respective platform and 8AM cannot be held responsible for any third- party failures.

Best Execution Policy – 8AM Funds